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Our Guarantee

Other Holiday Shop Companies Promise Back-Up Merchandise,


The people who work at Gifts ‘N Things are committed to fill 100% of your student orders, so that every child will have exactly what they want for the holidays. If you run out of any item, simply call and we will get you more of that exact item by the next day. When we say exact, we mean: the same item, the same color, the same imprint. If there is an absolute run away item, use our exclusive “I.O.U.” System and call us the day your shop ends. We personally GUARANTEE that every child will have exactly what they want before the holidays!

If we would fail to do the above, Gifts ‘N Things will give $5.00 to each child who was unable to get exactly what they wanted for the holiday!

100% Unconditional Guarantee – If for any reason you the Chairperson, the child or the parent is not completely satisfied with any product purchased or when the gift is opened it happens to be damaged for any reason, we will either replace the item or refund their money – No questions asked!


Kurt Koehler

Kurt W. Koehler President